Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ring Game Competition in Guanaja!

A ring game has been installed at the Castaways Resort in Guanaja and has caused all sorts of competitions to spring up. Here we have Brewski Bob, fresh off the US ring game circuit representing Club Brown International, showing the locals how it is done!

It is a good thing that all that was lost that day were bottle caps!


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Guanaja Sharon said...

We had one of those ring toss games at our home in Lutz, Florida many years ago and yes, it is fun. We got to be quite the experts at hooking the ring. We still have the ring but never put it up at our house. We got the idea from Hemmingway's getaway bar on Bimini. Besides darts and dominos or checkers here on the island the other big sport is socker!