Sunday, May 4, 2008

Guanaja Honduras - a Saturday Morning in Paradise!

AHHHHH .... a spectacular Saturday morning in Guanaja ... this is Brewski's first full day here. The beauty is amazing. Bob comes over to our side of the duplex and we sip on virgin Mary's as we watch the waves gently lap the shore and listen to the birds in the distance. I think that perhaps we all celebrated his arrival to enthusiastically with Rum Punch last night and we are moving a bit slow today.

The ferry from Savannah Bight comes by overflowing with people ready to start the weekend. HOLY SMOKES, you think they have room for one more?

We wander over to the Castaways Restaurant where they fill our bellies with Denver Omelette's and hot coffee .... thank you very much, I think we will live!

Our day begins ........

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