Friday, December 26, 2008

Guanaja - an Update to the Update

A picture of Castaways Resort from April 2008 .... a place that we wanted to call a home away from home .... you can see the hummingbirds if you look close!

The latest update to the update from Guanaja.  My friend Guanaja Sharon sent me this latest post from her blog.  Click on her link and she has the "scoop" on what happened with the Castaways along with current pictures.
So sad, it makes me want to cry ... We had a lot of fun there and met a lot of terrific people ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guanaja - an Update ...

Guanaja is a Bay Island paradise, but beware of the sand traps that may await you!

Our friends Brewski Bob and Aunt Patti were disappointed when the Castaways Resort went belly up. Even though they had a contract in effect on their dream cottage on the Caribbean, it was written in the US ... the developers were Americans, after all .... and not worth the paper it was written on! Thank goodness the developers were not holding any escrow money. So much for honesty.

Last week another unusual happening ... the Castaways burned down ... Oh My! Wonder if they had insurance ... smirk ....

Guanaja is a beautiful island paradise and most of the people we met were wonderful. BigAl and I had our hopes up on a lovely piece of property ... even had all the money in escrow down in Honduras ... unfortunately we could not get a clear title ... YIKES! We had a great attorney named Felix Reyes, he was honest and treated us fairly.

We had a totally different experience with another attorney named Melanie Wetzel ( American ) in La Cieba. She took $2,000 from us and never delivered the corporation she promised us ..... lol .... referred by an American attorney we thought we did our due diligence.

Will we return to Guanaja ... maybe ... perhaps ... for a vacation! I don't know right now, there seems no pressing need to go back. I am a positive person by nature and I guess I expect the same from others, but by no means do I wear rose colored glasses. We own property in the Bahamas, Austria as well as the US. I was quite aware that third world countries have different "rules" of the road so to speak .. it seemed though, that most of our issues came from the non-Honduran's taking advantage of situations.

I will keep this site updated as the need arises and hope that everyone finds their paradise. Maybe it will be Guanaja, after all!