Sunday, June 8, 2008

Guanaja - Birthday Bash at Thirst and Last Stop!

The famous Captain Al decided to throw a big April Birthday Bash for everyone on Guanaja with April birthdays ... of course that included yours truly (April 5th) and my own Big AL (April7th) and Brewski (April29th) ... scary, huh?

The bash was held at his place at the airport called the "Thirst and Last Stop" and was very well attended. As a matter of fact, as the planes landed, more folks joined the festivities! The boys pictured below, from left to right, Brewski Bob, Big AL, Captain Al and Jim Springer ....

Guanaja Sharon welcomes back Jack and his wife Darien from their trip to New Orleans .....

Mike is wearing one of my favorite T-shirts that always makes me laugh!

Houdini is trying to sweet talk Geri out of some BBQ!

Brian making an editorial comment ...

Anke and her husband along with Jannette .... Cathy and Sharon in the background!

Guanaja Honduras is just one of those places that is special. Everyone has welcomed us here. Most of the people pictured have retired here in Guanaja. Some live here part time, going back and forth to the US or Europe and there were many more people that didn't hold still for pictures. Whether you decide to live Guanaja or just to travel here, you won't be disappointed!


ankur said...

Denise good to see your blog.

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ankur said...

Mike is looking good in this T-shirt.

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Louis said...

Darn, i misssed the birthday bash last year, i wanted to get Jim' and Cathy email, or could you ask them to email me, I shipwrecked and lost my sailboat and all my emails went down with the ship.
Louis Honeycutt

hello to all from Louis on Elysium

Louis said...

would like to get Jim and Cathy email

louis Honeycutt SV Elysium